OffMarket was developed by a team of real estate professionals and former brokers who are determined to create a more cost efficient option for Principals to buy and sell commercial real estate.

Our vision for OffMarket is to provide transformational value to commercial real estate investors with our marketplace and transaction platform.

We are dedicated to this vision and will employ the latest technology, coupled with continuous product development to insure that OffMarket provides the easiest, most comprehensive and cost effective solution for real estate Principals to transact.

While most commercial real estate services cater to brokers, the OffMarket Team is exclusively focused and dedicated to addressing the needs of the commercial real estate Principal.

By providing Sellers with a comprehensive set of marketing and transaction tools and Buyers with supply-constrained real estate opportunities that meet their specific investment criteria, OffMarket leverages technology to streamline the deal process.

OffMarket empowers both Buyers and Sellers to take control of the transaction process and maximize their investment opportunities and returns. OffMarket’s feature set supports the entire purchase and sale process, including property marketing, campaign management, financial underwriting, due diligence, buyer selection and offer submission.