Who will see properties marketed for sale on OffMarket?
OffMarket has the most comprehensive and current Database of over 50,000+ private real estate investors, developers and institutions across the country, covering all major property types. Each Principal in our Database is pre-screened and profiled by geographic region and product type, as determined by acquisition criteria or properties owned.
Do only subscribers of OffMarekt see properties marketed for sale?
Anyone in our Principal Database will receive a property marketed on OffMarket according to the product type(s) and geographic region(s) as determined by their individual acquisition criteria. To gain access to the deal room on a particular property or to submit offers, prospective Buyers will need to be signed up to either our Free Plan or one of our paid plans.
Does is cost anything to market or sell a property on OffMarket?
Anyone can market or sell a property (or multiple properties) on OffMarket without paying any type of transaction fee (i.e. commission or buyer’s premium fee) ever! OffMarket also provides its core product for free through its Free Subscription Plan, so any user can sell (or buy) properties without even paying a low monthly subscription cost, and still reach 100% of our Principal Database.
How can OffMarket afford to provide its core product for Free?
OffMarket doesn’t have multiple offices and hundreds of employees across the Country like many brokerage firms and auction companies. We keep our overhead low, and pass the savings off to our subscribers.
How does OffMarket make money?
OffMarket is a subscription based service with a “Free Plan” and three levels of paid or “premium” plans (Plus, Pro and Platinum). The premium plans are for Principals that require more “deal flow” with multiple product types or multiple geographic regions. See the Pricing page for more details.
Does OffMarket provide services to Brokers as well as Principals?
OffMarket’s platform is currently tailored more for real estate Principals, but we will be rolling out Broker tailored services, including a referral service, in the future.
Are there limits to the type of real estate transactions allowed through OffMarket?
OffMarket permits the marketing of conventional real estate transactions including traditional purchase/sale transactions and note sales. OffMarket does not currently prohibit other types of alternative transactions, including but not limited to, partial sales, joint ventures, recapitalizations, exchanges, purchase options, ground leases etc.
Is a Seller’s contact information shared with Buyers?
Sellers remain anonymous until they choose to message or contact a Buyer with their contact information, or until they respond to offers received from interested Buyers with their contact information included.
I just signed up, why can’t I see any real estate properties for sale on my DealBoard?
Registered members of OffMarket gain access to real estate opportunities as they become available in “real-time”, per your selected criteria, therefor your DealBoard will populate over-time. We are always and continuously working to bring new properties to OffMarket and we encourage to you join, so that you increase your “deal flow” the moment new properties become available.
Will my personal information be shared with anyone?
Absolutely not! Your personal information is our top priority and will not be shared with anyone.

If you have any questions we didn’t answer here, please email us at: support@offmarket.com