Sellers gain access to pre-screened Commercial Real Estate investors with capital to deploy.

Our job: to connect you with the most credible and motivated buyers at no cost, so you can do your job: to maximize value.
Our pre-screened buyers act quickly and are looking for your property today. By listing your property on OffMarket, you get maximum exposure and direct access to thousands of credible and motivated buyers that are specifically looking for your property as determined by their acquisition criteria. One major difference: there are no transactions costs.
How It Works Infographic

How It Works Infographic

Buyers get access to “off market” deals before the rest of the market.

It’s no secret that the “early birds” get the best deals.
Off-market deals are supply-constrained real estate opportunities that happen in real-time. OffMarket immediately notifies you when a new off-market property that matches your acquisition criteria hits the site, allowing you to react quickly and capitalize on attractive opportunities before the competition does.

Market, or find, your property more effectively

As the old saying goes, “if you want it done right, do it yourself.”
Market your property using our innovative and easy-to-use tools to reach the Buyers most interested based on property type and geographic location. Our attractive Marketing Templates, robust Email Marketing System, and curated Database of over 50,000 real estate Principals insures that your deal will be seen by all the right Buyers. Conversely, find attractive off-market opportunities to purchase directly from property Sellers.
How It Works Infographic

How It Works Infographic

Manage your deals with more ease

Gone are the days when you had to hire someone to do the grunt work.
OffMarket's Email Marketing System allows Sellers to conveniently managed property marketing and view detailed Campaign Analytics that show the number of emails sent, opened and clicked. Buyers use our Electronic Signature feature to execute and submit confidentiality agreements directly to Sellers. Buyers also use their DealBoard to sort, track and pursue those real estate opportunities they find the most attractive.

Crunch the numbers more efficiently

Painful financial modeling and underwriting is so....2012.
Using our robust and easy-to-use Valuation Tool, Sellers are able to accurately underwrite their property and share a detailed financial pro forma with prospective Buyers. Interested parties are then able to customize and modify the Seller’s assumptions to determine a property’s value quickly and easily.
How It Works Infographic

How It Works Infographic

Exchange information more securely

Doing your homework has never been so easy.
Sellers upload and control Buyers access to all property documents using OffMarket’s secure Virtual Deal Room. Buyers view property information and are able to communicate with the Seller using OffMarket’s Messaging Platform, which allows efficient group notifications and private individual messages.

Make decisions with more clarity

Hindsight doesn’t have to be the only view that’s 20/20.
Buyers use OffMarket’s Offer Submission Tool that provides Seller’s with a summarized report, comparing the key terms of all offers received. Sellers use Member Profiles and References to screen, qualify and select a Buyer.
How It Works Infographic

How It Works Infographic

Preserve and reinvest more equity

A dollar saved today will be many dollars earned tomorrow.
Reinvest the equity you preserved by avoiding transaction fees, real estate commissions or buyer’s premiums into your next real estate deal. Then wash and repeat…