The OffMarket Platform Offers Buyers and Sellers The Following Features To Transact:

What is marketing template

Tailored Marketing Templates

Professional and customizable templates for each property type that are designed to attract the highest Buyer interest for a marketing campaign. Our templates and system are designed to keep the Seller's information confidential throughout the marketing process.

What is database

Comprehensive Database of Investors

Database includes over 50,000 private real estate investors, developers and institutions across the country, covering all major property types. Each individual Principal in our Database is profiled and curated by geographic region and product type as determined by their acquisition criteria or properties owned.

What is dealboard

User-Specific DealBoard

The "DealBoard" is a user-specific repository of all acquisitions and dispositions, creating a powerful and easy-to-use tool for managing, sorting, tracking, and pursuing properties in a user’s deal pipeline.

What is analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Detailed information provided throughout the entire deal life cycle starting with property marketing campaign through closing to ensure adequate exposure and gauge Buyer interest. Analytics specifically show numbers of emails sent, opened, and clicked, as well as what and when documents in the deal room were viewed and by whom.

What is confidential agreement

Electronic Confidentiality Agreements

OffMarket provides standard Confidentiality Agreements that can be edited as needed by Sellers, electronic signature and submission that eliminates the need for fax machines, and a complete report to the Seller that identifies all prospective Buyers, who have agreed to the Confidentiality Agreement and gained access to the Deal Room.

What is mapping

Annotated Digital Mapping & Unlimited Property Images

A customizable digital map allows Buyers to quickly see the location of the property, along with property boundaries and satellite images. Additionally, OffMarket provides an easy way to upload and organize an unlimited number of full size property images.

What is valuation tool

Robust Property Valuation Tool

OffMarket includes a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool for Sellers to provide a financial pro forma and for Buyers to underwrite opportunities according to their own set of assumptions.

What is dealroom

Secure Virtual Deal Room

Secure and easy-to-use deal room for safe and efficient document distribution throughout the transaction process. No more emails, no more distribution lists, no more calls - now all Buyers will receive the same information at the same time and, most importantly, the audit log insures that Seller knows what documents were viewed by whom and when.

What is messaging

Confidential Messaging Platform

Buyers and Sellers can communicate using a Confidential Messaging Platform, which allows for efficient group notifications and private individual messages. The Messaging System allows Sellers to remain anonymous until they choose to reveal their contact information to the Buyers that have the most interest.

What is offer submission

Offer Submission

The Offer Submission Tool provides a convenient and efficient way for Buyers to submit and Sellers to evaluate an offer to purchase a property by summarizing and comparing key deal information on all offers received. To maintain a buffer between both parties, Sellers remain anonymous until they choose to respond to a Buyer.

What is profile

Detailed Member Profiles

Our marketing templates keep Seller's contact information confidential unless Seller chooses to provide their contact information to interested Buyers.