A Broker-Free Platform For Buying and Selling CRE

We’re Re-Shaping the Future of Real Estate

OffMarket is a marketing and transaction platform that offers real estate principals a comprehensive set of tools designed to materially improve how properties are bought and sold.
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By Offering a Better Solution to Facilitate Transactions

We’re improving the transaction process by providing real estate owners/investors with a new, dynamic and cost effective alternative to buy and sell property directly.

Property Marketing

Utilize professional marketing tools that connect principals


Deal Management

Gain flexibility and control over the deal process


Financial Underwriting

Easily underwrite and accurately determine property value


Exchanging Information

Communicate directly and share documents securely

Because Frankly, the Current Model Is Broken

Removing middleman, brokers and auction sites, from the transaction streamlines the entire process, enhances transparency and reduces costs….that you never stop paying for!

To demonstrate what we are talking about, imagine you invested $10.0 million in a 7.0% cap deal and after three years you sold the property at the same 7.0% cap rate. If you reinvested the cumulative distributions and sale proceeds three more times paying a 5.0% buyers’ premium on each acquisition and a 4.0% brokerage commission on each disposition you would have forgone $7.9 million in profit.


Here’s the real kicker – this example is unlevered! It would be far worse if you acquired the properties with even a conservative amount of leverage. See the chart below which shows how much of your equity you're losing when fees and commissions are calculated on the transaction value but paid with your equity.

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